Friday, June 4, 2010

If You Don't Set Him Off, He's A Real Nice Guy

May 2010 - Crime: Aggravated Assault
New York Mills, New York - Abraham Dickan was a citizen on patrol, who kept an eye on everything going on in the community.  But he was also known for having anger issues and a recent history of depression.

His neighbor described him thus, "If you don't set him off, he's a real nice guy."

Not a comforting description given the fact that Mr. Dickan was a CCW permit holder.

Mr. Dickan had been banned from a local AT&T store because he yelled racial slurs at employees, brandished his firearm at them and threatened their lives.  This behavior lead to his being banned from the store and his permit being revoked.  Instead of seeing his own behavior as being the issue, Mr. Dickan felt that the six employees at the store were the cause of the problem and so decided to seek revenge by going to the store and killing them.

He was able to seriously wound employee Seth Turk in the abdomen before being shot and killed himself by an off-duty police officer from a nearby township, Donald Moore.

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