Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lapses in Memory

November, 2009 - Crime: Gun Smuggling, Lying to Canadian Border, Possessing 85 Rounds
Tacoma, Washington/Peace Arch, Canada - Gerald Burke, CCW permit holder, claimed that he had no idea that the laws in Canada were different than in America and that he totally forgot that he was carrying a loaded semi-automatic and 85 rounds, even when he was directly asked. Problem is, his nervous manner, alerted police that something was up and they searched his vehicle.

He's now looking at spending three years in a Canadian prison.

November, 2009 - Crime: Lying on a CCW application
Guam - Democratic Senator Matt Rector applied for a CCW permit but when it came to the portion where it asks if you have ever been convicted of a crime, his mind apparently went blank and he forgot that he had once been convicted of burglary! Now, while I understand that it had been 26 years before, I tend to think that most human beings would remember something as life changing as being arrested and convicted of burglary.

One wonders if he remembered to tell the voters before the election.

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