Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lots to share

Sorry I've gotten a little behind on the documentation, folks. I've been quite busy at work this week.

First thing before the news posts - the gang at Violence Policy Center have done it again. They have a wonderful but disturbing piece discussing murders committed by CCW permit holders. Please, check it out.

And now the news:

November, 2009 - Crime: First Degree Murder
Vail, Colorado - CCW permit holder, Richard "Rossi" Moreau, has a criminal record report involving violence and the threat of violence that's over 200 pages long but according to Mr. Moreau, it's constitutional right to have a firearm" and that he "was a 100 disabled veteran and because of that, he had every right to carry a weapon and fire it whenever he wanted to".

Well, on November 7, he walked into the Sandbar Restaurant and started shooting, killing Dr. Gary Bruce Kitching, a local physician and wounding three other patrons of the restaurant. This tragedy eerily mirrored a less tragic incident Mr. Moreau had in 2002 when he entered a La Cantina restaurant and threatened to kill four middle aged white patrons because he believed them to be terrorists.

November, 2009 - Crime: First Degree Murder
Arlington, Washington - Keira Earhart, CCW permit holder, was alerted by a cell phone alarm that his home was being burglarized. He rushed home and almost caught the man as he was leaving, but lost him. He notified police and checked to see what had been stolen. Had everything stopped then, this story wouldn't be on this site.

Hours later, Mr. Earhart saw the individual in the neighborhood and this time, he had his gun with him. He chased Ryan Rzechula and according to witnesses, they heard a gun being fired two or three times. Mr. Rzechula's body was found two days later. He had been shot in the back.

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