Monday, July 20, 2009

No CCW crimes? Look what I found in three hours time

In several letters to the editor all across the nation I saw comments stating firmly that the writer had never seen a single report of crimes committed by a CCW permit holder.

Now either these individuals didn't know how to search, or they didn't want to find because it most definitely can be found. (I must at this time thank two friends Abby and Cathie for getting the ball rolling.)

Conceal Carry Crimes

July 2009 – Crime: Felony Road Rage,0,5845809.story
Edmond, Oklahoma – An angry driver pulls a gun on an Oklahoma couple during a road rage incident. Concealed weapons permit holder, 43-year-old Darryl Inman, charged with felony. Inman is currently a pilot for JetBlue.

July 2009 – Crime: Impersonating a police officer
Boise, Idaho – After witnessing a petty theft, Concealed weapons permit holder, Paul Brookhouse attempted to make a citizen’s arrest. Unfortunately, he chose to pull his gun and identify himself as a police office. Now, both the thief and Mr. Brookhouse are facing charges. Police appreciated the help but stated that in a situation like this, there was no reason to pull a firearm.

July 2009 – Crime: Domestic violence and assaulting a police officer
Galion, Ohio – Police responding to a domestic violence call shoot and kill William Kitzmiller. Concealed weapons permit holder Kitzmiller told his wife if she called the police he “would not be taken easily.” When police tried to disarm him an officer was shot in the hand, a second officer returned fire and struck and killed Kitzmiller.

July 2009 – Crime: Speeding and concealing a weapon
Lisbon, Ohio – Concealed weapons permit holder, 50-year-old William Lewis, was stopped for speeding, forgot to tell police officers he had a loaded .40-caliber pistol in his car and reached for the gun when he opened his glove compartment to get his car registration. Lewis has been charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

July 2009 – Crime: Child Sodomy
Jeffersonville, Kentucky – Concealed weapons permit holder, 39-year-old Michael Dunn, is being held on seven counts of first-degree child sodomy in a case involving a 14-year-old boy. In a separate case, Dunn is being charged with filing incomplete firearms training records while servicing as a concealed weapons instructor. In February 2008 a grand jury found Dunn acted in self-defense when he shot and killed a man during a dispute at his home.

July 2009 – Crime: Murder
Tampa, Florida – Marcos Antonio Truillio, a concealed weapons permit holder, shot Carlos Aris, a graphics artist working for the Seventh Day Adventist Church, because he thought the man was breaking into his house. Family members say he had been going door to door evangelizing.

July 2009 - Crime: DWI, Using weapons while intoxicated and possession of marijuana Seven Hills, Ohio - Concealed weapons permit holder, 43-year-old Russell Larson, was pulled over for going 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. Larson, who had eight prior operating a vehicle while intoxicated arrests, had a loaded .45-caliber pistol in his car, as well as a large folding knife, brass knuckles, and a bag of marijuana. He was charged with operated a vehicle while intoxicated , felony improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, using weapons while intoxicated, and possession of marijuana.

July 2009 - Crime: Felony hit and run, DWI Corunna, Michigan – Shiawassee Co. prosecutor and CCW permit holder Randy Colbry was responsible for an afternoon hit and run accident and found guilty of DWI. He voluntarily surrendered his CCW permit.

July 2009 – Crime: Promoting illegal gambling
Rotterdam, New York – Gary DiCocco, CCW permit holder, was found guilty of promoting illegal gambling in a sport –betting operation which netted $250,000 in two months.

April 2009 - Crime: Three counts of homicide, aggrevated assault, and a weapons violation,2933,512560,00.html
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Richard Poplawski, a CCW permit holder, ambushed four police officers, killing three and wounding one.

March 2009 – Crime: Eleven counts of murder and arson Kinston, Alabama - CCW permit holder, Michael McClendon killed 11 people including the wife of a deputy sheriff.

February 2009 – Crime: Three counts of first degree murder, attempted first degree murder, one count of second degree murder, second degree kidnapping
Brockport, New York - CCW holder Frank Garcia killed three people and wounded one in upstate New York. Reports are that the killings occurred because the women had reported Garcia for sexual harassment.
October 2008 - Aggrevated Assault
Tye Burke, CCW holder, put a gun to a man's head at a children's soccer game because he took issue with a coach's call. The victim was the coach's husband.
Provo, Utah – CCW holder David Ragsdale pulled up to his church parking lot and shot his wife 12 times.

November 2007 – Crime: Having firearm on school property
Huber Heights, Ohio – CCW holder was found passed out in her car carrying a firearm on a Wednesday morning at the St. Peter Catholic School

December 2005 – Crime: Aggravated assault and felonious assault
Beavercreek, Ohio – CCW holder Jason Todd Waple placed his 9 mm handgun up to a man’s neck after a New Year’s Eve traffic dispute.

October 2004 – Crime: Murder
Sanford, NC – CCW holder Horace Greeley Dawson arrested for shooting his neighbor, Richard Raab after a long standing feud. Dawson was later acquitted of first degree murder.

June 2004 – Crime: Illegal possession of a firearm in a courthouse
Dayton, Ohio – CCW holder Douglas Lyons attempted to enter the Montgomery County courthouse to see an inmate while carrying a firearm.

2002 – According to Salt Lake City Tribune, 584 CCW’s were revoked because of crimes committed between 1994 - 2001.

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  1. All of this has NO RELEVANCE in light of the fact that LAW ABIDING citizens with guns save lives and prevent crime.

    To see how small a fraction of CCW's commit crimes, lets do a little math:

    Even if you only took FL's 560,000+ CCW holders and estimate 1500 CCW crimes from '94 until 2009(600 in 6 years from your own stats, so 100 per year * 15 years = 1500) you would still only get 0.27% of CCW's committing a crime ( 1 out of every 1120 CCW holders.

    And that is only using one state's CCW population (I couldn't find reliable stats on USA CCW population, but figure this example illustrates the point).
    The percentage can only go down when you add in the hundreds of thousands of other state's CCW holders.

    I would estimate about 2 or 3 percent of USA carries, which puts the number of CCW's up near 8 million.

    Also, not every revocation was due to a violent crime.