Monday, July 20, 2009

Why I'm blogging

Greetings to the first post in this blog. Before I say anything else, let me make this perfectly clear - this is not a "all gun owners are bad" blog. Nothing in this world is all black or all white.

I believe that ownership of firearms comes with a remarkable responsibility to the society at large. Since this is a weapon which, depending on it's size and scope, can kill many people very quickly and at varying distances, the individuals who carry such firearms are held to a high standard.

The right to carry a gun does not supercede the right to live. Those in our society who have had placed on their shoulders the responsibility to protect ie., police and the military, have been trained on when, where and how such decisions are made when forced to take a life, and even then, the weight of that responsibility has been painful for those who have had to make that decision.

Many states have voted to allow individuals to obtain concealed carry permits. Some states regulations are quite strict. Some are, frankly would be laughable if they weren't dangerous in their laxity. While most individuals who obtain a CCW are respectable, responsible gun owners, the laxity of some laws have permitted less, respectable, less responsible and less law abiding individuals to be able to get conceal carry permits.

The gun running lobby swears up and down that ALL the CCW permit holders are law abiding citizens who would not use their firearms to commit crimes or utilize them for terrorist acts.

Well, in the span of just three hours I was able to document a host of news articles concerning crimes committed by CCW permit holders.

And while doing this research, I found several listings of the NRA pushing bills in multiple states to prevent normal tax payers from finding out that crimes had been committed by CCW permit holders. Now why would they want to hide that type of information from the public?

Once again, this is not a site to belittle honest, hard working individuals who responsibly and legally own, store and utilize firearms.

This is a site to document the fact that there are those who utilize poorly written laws and abuse the privilege.

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