Monday, July 20, 2009

The New CCW bill in Congress: Who Are They Protecting?

It's not unusual to question what Congress is thinking when they write or pass something, in fact, it's quite common.

But this takes the cake.

Imagine that your state worked very diligently to pass a CCW law which prevented individuals with criminal backgrounds, a history of mental illness or current restraining orders from obtaining a CCW. Now imagine Congress coming in and telling you that an individual living in your state, who has been barred from getting a CCW due to one or more of these issues, can shop for a state with a laxer regulation, and get a CCW from them. (Keep in mind that currently Alaska's CCW allows adult residents to carry a concealed weapon without having gone through a background check or training even if they have committed many violent misdemeanors or have committed misdemeanor sex offenses against minors.

Does that sound like a bill which protects citizens, law abiding gun owners or police? Nope. But that's what is attempting to get through the Congress of the United States even as you read. Ironically, this bill is being snuck through attached as an amendment to a Defense Authorization Bill. Those who would profit from this bill/amendment are those who because of previous criminal behavior, prior chemical dependency, or known mental illness have prevented them from obtain a concealed carry permit in the past.

Why are some in Congress attempting to assist in arming such people? Ask them yourselves. The amendment is Senator Thune's Amendment No. 1618 to the Defense Authorization Bill (S. 1390).

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