Sunday, April 4, 2010

Crime of the Day: Possession

March, 2010 - Crime: Criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of hollow-point bullets, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.
Weewaken, New Jersey - Donald Martin West, a Tennessean with a CCW, and a companion were stopped at the mouth of the Lincoln Tunnel for a traffic violation. Police discovered during the stop that the individuals had loaded firearms with hollow-point bullets, handcuffs, cigars filled with marijuana, and pot pipes.

March, 2010 - Crime: Trafficking cocaine, possession with intent to sell
Wilmington, North Carolina - Due to a report of a suspicious vehicle, police were called to the Travelodge at 1:00 AM to investigate. The car belonged to Calvin Coolidge Underdue, a CCW permit holder. If police thought Calvin was nervous when they got there, they knew something was up when they called in the K-9 squad. Why? Because Calvin fainted.

Police found 300 grams of cocaine, $1,680 dollars and a .22 Magnum.

Crime: Four counts of felony possession of drugs
Franklin, New Hampshire - David Alan Johnson, a CCW permit holder, pulled into the wrong driveway at the wrong time. The owner of the driveway was speaking to the police chief when he pulled up and informed police that he didn't want David on his property and that he was probably carrying drugs on him. When the police went to his car to tell him that the property owner didn't want him there, he smelled pot.

Further investigation found that he was carrying multiple prescription drugs and $30,000 worth of cocaine. More coke was discovered when they searched his home, as well as pot.

Oh, and he was out on bail for drug charges in a nearby town.

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