Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Individual Who Threatened Cantor Has CCW and A History of Mental Illness

News is travelling quickly about the man arrested for threatening the life of Major Whip Eric Cantor.

First the good news, he's in custody so he can't hurt anyone and can get the mental health assistance he obviously needs. Norman Leboon lives in Pennsylvania. Also, it appears that while he references the bullet fired in the air that hit the window in the Reagan Bldg, it doesn't appear he was involved.

Here's the bad news, this man is a CCW permit holder who has been showing increasing signs of mental illness for a number of years. His family went so far as to contact the FBI and yet the authorities did not see fit to take away his permit and his access to firearms.

Come on, folks, this is not rocket science - once a threat again someone's life has been made, any sane human being investigating the threat would see if the individual has the ability to carry out the threat. If the authorities find the person is armed and has a permit, you take the threat seriously. And if they are dumb enough to videotape the threat, you have proof of the crime and after a trip to the judge for a signature, you go collect him and his firearms.

When the family called saying that they had every reason to believe that this man was a danger to others, the permit should have been pulled and the guns confiscated until a hearing could determine if this man was sane enough to be carrying. FBI dropped the ball on this part and we're all lucky that it didn't cost someone their life.

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