Saturday, March 13, 2010

Prayers for the Death of Children

March, 2010 - Crime: Road rage, murder
Houston, Texas - Richard Calderon, a CCW permit holder, was involved in a car accident where he hit a vehicle and kept going. When the driver of the car followed him in an attempt to get the license number in order to report him to police, Calderon shot at her. Instead of hitting the driver, he hit the driver's 13 year old daughter who died of her wounds.

Our prayers go out the family.

March, 2010 - Crime: Murder, Felonious Assault of a newborn
Cincinnati, Ohio - Shamon Davis, a CCW permit holder, should still be in the process of celebrating the birth of his daughter, Kloe, who was born three weeks ago.

Instead, he's in jail under a 3 million dollar bond.

It seems on a visit to his girlfriend, Kelli Walton's home to visit the baby, they argued over child support (Little Kloe being their fourth child, the others being ages 9, 6, and 3.) and Davis pulled out a gun and, while she held the newborn in her arms, shot her. The bullet grazed little Kloe's head, fracturing her skull and entered her mother, killing her.

Once again, our prayers go out to the motherless children and to Kelli's mother who has lost her precious daughter.

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