Monday, March 15, 2010

Alcohol and CCW's shouldn't mix

New Year's Eve, 2009/2010 carried into March, 2010 - Crime: DWI
Columbia, Missouri - Gregory Nauser, a CCW permit holder, chose to take his wife, Laura, out for New Year's Eve for dinner and a movie, which is an excellent thing to do. He also chose to take his 9 mm with 10 rounds of ammo. Not a choice I'd make, but still, no problem.

The problem came when, knowing that he was armed and had the love of his life in the car, he chose to drink, a lot. They were lucky, they lived to only have to deal with a DWI.

The story has come back into the press because Gregory's wife, a Columbia councilwoman, lied to reporters about the fact that she was with him when he was arrested. When she was caught in the lie, through the police report, she recanted claiming she misspoke.

Folks, if you're going to carry, don't drink. If you drink, don't carry. If you are with someone who's drinking and is armed, do everyone a favor, take the keys and the gun, or at very least the ammo, away from them for everyone's protection. Actually, if it's your spouse and you know they plan on drinking, suggest they not take the gun in the first place.

It's a matter of responsibility.

March, 2010 - Crime: Battery while armed and intimidation with a deadly weapon
Bloomington, Indiana - IU college student, Alexander Brill, age 21, states that he obtained his CCW because he had gotten into fights in Bloomington in the past and he was afraid. It's possible that he might have been better served if he had spent that money on anger management classes.

Brill's side of the story stated that he was verbally harrassed by five men as he was speaking to a female acquaintance. According to police reports and witness statements, Brill arrived at the Kilroy Sport's Bar carrying his loaded Smith & Wesson .45 and a knife and threatened a female bar employee with the gun. When an individual attempted to defuse the situation, Brill struck the man with the firearm. Bar patrons subdued Brill and called the police.

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