Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Flash of Anger, A Wave of Regret

February, 2010 - Crime: Domestic violence, Murder
Westford, Massachusetts - There was no reporting of why Brian Marchand felt the need to obtain a CCW permit for his firearms. What we do know is after a period of having marital and financial problems, he chose to use his firearms to kill his only child, a 17 year old daughter named Olivia, attempt to kill his wife, Jody, and then turn the gun on himself.

Our condolences to the family.

February, 2010 - Crime: Malicious Assault, brandishing a firearm, using a firearm in a felony, resisting arrest

Fairfax, Virginia - Jose Avila, a CCW permit holder, was annoyed because he didn't like where Floriano Whitwell and Matthew Dumas had parked their vehicles. He honked his horn at them and drove off, only to return a few minutes later. Only this time he pointed a gun at the two men. Avila fled the scene but was quickly apprehended by police who found a 9mm Astra A-90 loaded with 14 hollow point bullets.

Avila was caught so quickly because the men he aimed the gun at were federal marshalls with their badges hanging around their neck.

And who was Avila that he would be aiming a firearm loaded with hollow point bullets at police? A former priest and anger management counselor used by the Domestic Relations Court in Fairfax Co., VA.


  1. Mr. Rene,

    Just a little culture and education teaches that "every man is presumed to be innocent until justice finds him otherwise". And a little common sense would tell us that by today Mr. Avila's hearings would not have reached a verdict.

    According to the affidavit from DUSM Whitwell, Mr. Avila came to stop right when the marshals turned their lights on. Therefore, your statement that Mr. Avila fled the scene is completely incorrect.

    "He who writes more that he reads is condemned to be the joker at the salon". Who's quote? I will leave that for homework.

    I hope that if ever find yourself in a questionable situation, your name never gets used in a blog like yours.

  2. To "Mr." Leo, who leaves anonymous posts and wishes to come across as though he intimately knows this case,

    Common sense tells us that pulling a gun on people because you don't like where they parked will get you at least a hearing, if not a verdict.

    And just because Mr. Avila stopped went the red and blues came on doesn't mean he didn't flee the scene. In fact, it sort of corroborates the statement in the Washington Post about his behavior after pulling a gun on police officers. Any comment about the marshals' other statements about Mr. Avila resisting arrest?

    All the information utilized in this story came straight from newspaper accounts of the incident and were cited.

    Mr. Avila should be very grateful that he has friends wishing to stand by him. Hopefully, he will get the anger management counseling he needs so that he can move on without injuring himself or others.