Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anger, Stupidity, Insanity and Something to Consider

January, 2010 - Crime: Posession of a firearm while intoxicated and reckless use of a firearm
Novi, Michigan - At 4:45 PM a CCW permit holder whose name was withheld reportedly had been having a few with some friends when he decided to show his gun to his drinking buddy. No surprise that the gun was unintentionally discharged. The bullet travelled through the siding of the man's home to another nearby street, crashed through a family's sliding glass window and lodged in the wall near where the unsuspecting family had just sitting down for dinner. Luckily, no one was injured.

January, 2010 - Crime: Brandishing
Chico, California - Firefighter and CCW permit holder, Zachery Plottel, argued with a couple who were sitting in a car, apparently over the use of a laser pointer. The argument escalated to the point that Plottel took out his firearm and pointed it at the couple. The incident caused three nearby schools to go into lockdown. When apprehended Plottel pled the Fifth as to where he had place the firearm.

Plottel has been placed on administrative leave and if it's determined that the incident occurred within 1,000 feet of the nearest school, Neal Dow Elementary School, he may face additional charges which could negatively effect his 10 year career with the fire department.

January, 2010 - Crime: As yet unfiled
McDermitt, Ohio - A once again, unnamed CCW permit holder apparently needed to pay more attention when he was in school as he failed to read the large sign on his grandson's school which read 'No Concealed Guns on School Premises'. He went in with the gun unsecured in his pocket and decided to play basketball with his grandson in the school gym. The gun fell out of his pocket, discharged and shot him in the leg. Luckily the grandson was the only child in the gym at the time and he was uninjured.

Police are still determining appropriate charges.

January, 2010 - Crime: Murder
South Salt Lake City, Utah - Mary Nance Hanson, a CCW permit holder, went to the Salt Lake Community Action Program Head Start and firing at least five shots, killed Tetyana Nikitina, a head start teacher and mother of two as she left school for the day. Police stated that they had found evidence that Hanson had reloaded the firearm after firing several times.

When asked why she had killed the woman she stated that she didn't know and that that was all she was going to say.

Nikitina's two children, age 7 and 9 are in the custody of their father.

And a little bonus for you - for those who think that owning weapons are the be all and end all of security, I present you with this story:

January, 2010 - Crime: Theft, Complicity to Kidnapping, Complicity to Aggrevated Robbery
Fairfield Township, Ohio - Troy Purdin and his wife, both CCW permit owners, had a collection of firearms which they kept in a gun safe. They also had a cousin who had recently come into town named Timothy "TJ" Stone. They had not spent time with TJ since he was 10, but apparently one visit was enough to let TJ know that his relatives were gun owners.

The next time that TJ came over, he brought friends. Friends with their own firearms. TJ and his accomplises held a gun to Purdin's head and held him and his three year old son hostage while they stole the gun safe and 16 firearms.

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