Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Once again, the mass murderer had a CCW

January, 2010 - Crime: Murder
Appamattox, Virginia - Christopher Bryan Speight turned himself in to police after eight people were murdered and a police helicopter was shot down by gunfire. Shot were Speight's sister, brother-in-law, Speight's 15 year old nephew, 4 year old niece and four family friends, including a 16 year old boy.

When he turned himself in, Mr. Speight was wearing camouflage pants and a bulletproof vest.

Christopher Speight was a CCW permit holder.

January, 2010 - Crime: Third-degree murder
Erie, Pennsylvania - All Jayson Sack did, according to witnesses, was yell to a driver to slow down in a picnic area. That was all it took for Joel Atkin to get out of his car, take out his .357 Magnum and kill the father of three in front of his family. Mr. Atkin felt being reprimanded for speeding was enough of a reason to take a man's life.

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