Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another issue with location, location, location

January, 2010 - Crime: Felony Assault
Santa Ana, California: A couple were gathering cardboard to recycle from behind a Sears store when CCW permit holder, Robert Bruce Rieck, saw them from across the street and shined a flashlight on them. When they attempted to explain they were merely collecting recyclables, Rieck pulled a gun on them, reportedly aiming it at the males' head. When the couple attempted to escape, Rieck shot at them.

No explanation was given as to why Rieck didn't just call and report the two to the police instead of taking matters into his own hands.

January, 2010 - Crime: Attempting to bring concealed weapons onto a Naval shipyard
Kittery, Maine: This is a two-fer. Jesus Acosta-Pileta and Juan Guevara-Pompa, CCW permit holders and truck drivers in Pennsylvania were delivering welding supplies to the Portsmouth Naval shipyard. It seems they forgot a couple of things. First thing they forgot was that the driver, Mr. Acosta-Pileta, no longer had a commercial driver's license. Second thing they forgot was that, just because you are allowed to carry in Pennsylvania doesn't mean you are allowed to carry in Maine, especially on to a military facility.

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