Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poor Decisions and Poorer Explanations

October, 2009 - Crime: Trespassing while armed
Fort Myers, Florida - CCW permit holder, Matthew James McMicken learned something very important about carrying a firearm - location, location, location. Matthew decided to go fishing in an off-limits canal adjacent to the Southwest Florida International Airport. First mistake, trespassing on airport property. Second mistake, trespassing while armed. Given that those areas are clearly marked, you have to wonder about the thought process of someone willing to bring a firearm with him onto airport property post 9/11. All I can say is they must have been really good fish in that canal to risk going to jail.

October, 2009 - Crime: Aggrevated Assault
Salt Lake City, Utah - A 41 year old unnamed CCW permit holder drove up to a gas pump at the same time as another driver did. After some heated words, the other man walked into the convenient store. The CCW permit holder followed him into the store and when the 19 year old victim attempted to leave the store the CCW permit holder pulled out a gun, held it to the 19 year old's head and said, "One word and you're dead, [expletive]. You're a smart [expletive] and your life is about to end." All this because a teenager got to a gas pump first.

But it doesn't end there. The CCW permit holder later returned to the store and questioned the clerks concerning whether or not they had called the police about the incident. They had.

When the police questioned the VVW permit holder about the incident he admitted he pulled the gun but claimed to not remember anything else as he was in a blackout.

If he was prone to blackouts, didn't the governing body that gave him the permit have the right to know he was either an alcoholic or prone to being mentally incapable? That said, I doubt he'll have to worry about it from now on.

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