Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another sad outcome

October, 2009 - Crime: Murder, Suicide
Lebanon, Pennsylvania - Meleanie Hain was a CCW permit holder who made the mistake of showing up at her 5 year old's soccer practice with a handgun holstered to her hip. Her permit was temporarily revoked. Meleanie complained that because her permit was revoked that her babysitting business had suffered and she had been ostracized in her community. The judge in the case, while giving her bad her permit, made it clear he questioned her judgement.

This morning Meleanie and her husband were found dead in what looks to be a murder/suicide. Meleanie and her husband had been having marital difficulties. The couple's three children were at home at the time of the murder but were physically uninjured.

October, 2009 - Crime: Attempted murder, Failure to secure a high powered weapon, Discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling
Randolph, Massachusetts - Christopher Leonard, a CCW permit holder, got into an argument with his next door neighbor, John Rota, about the leaves falling in their yards. Leonard felt so strongly about the argument that he shot his neighbor in the stomach.

Leonard was released on $20,000 cash bail with the conditions that he not reside at his home, not have any contact with the victim, not take any alcohol or drugs and take regular drug tests.

October, 2009 - Crime: Making terroristic threats
Minneapolis, Minnesota - Raymond Kenneth Kmetz was at the Hennepin County courthouse because he was a defendant in a criminal case. Prior to arriving at the courthouse he informed someone that he planned to bring a gun with him and shoot individuals involved in the case. Police investigating the threat discovered that Kmetz had applied for a CCW permit.

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