Monday, September 14, 2009

Update September 14, 2009

September, 2009 - Crime: Aggravated Assault, Road Rage
Knoxville, Tennessee - Luann Keller, CCW permit holder, was having a bad day. Now we don't know what originally got on her last nerve but as she was driving she came upon Dusty Lane she wasn't happy. Dusty Lane, by the way, is a person, not a road. Ms. Keller became irate and began banging her horn and pointing her gun at Mr. Lane.

Did I mention that Mr. Lane was an off duy police officer? Yeah, it kinda came as a shock to Ms. Keller as well. It's bad enough that you realize that because of your temper you almost shot another human being. It's another when you realize that that person is a police office.

The choices you make, dear ones, can change a bad day into a better one or a worse one.

Your choice.

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