Monday, September 14, 2009

Slightly Off Topic, But In The Ball Park

While this blog is specifically for documenting individuals with CCW who abuse the privilege by committing crimes, this situation is extremely similiar and is a major story here in Kentucky. I vacillated on whether to place it here and decided that I would but mention that while I cannot verify that Steve Nunn had a CCW, I have had it confirmed that he had a standard gun license which was revoked when the original order of protection was issued.

Once again I want to make this very clear - My issue is not with responsible, law abiding citizens owning firearms. My issue is with individuals who break their end of the bargain and use those guns illegally or irresponsibly. And law abiding means actually abiding by the law, not you haven't been caught before.

That said, here's the piece:

Tragedy In The Blue Grass

She was an intelligent, accomplished woman, he was the son of a famous governor.

Once they were fiances, now apparently they are victim and murderer.

Amanda Ross had taken all the steps you should take if you find yourself in an abusive relationship. She separated from the abuser and got an order of protection. The order even included the extension that Steven Nunn was not to "possess, purchase or attempt to possess, purchase or obtain a firearm during the duration of the order."

So the question is begged - how did Steve Nunn get a gun?

When these orders are issued, who handles the follow through?

Did police go to his home and confiscate his firearms to make sure he had none in his possession?

Was his name placed on the NCIC?

Without follow through, this is an empty demand as someone willing to commit domestic violence, physically committing assault on a loved one, is not obviously not the law abiding citizen willing to play by the rules. And without the information open to the business community, even the most scrupulous gun store owner can be placed in the situation of realizing that he has inadvertantly sold a gun to a murderer.

Kentucky legislators need to re-evaluate the means by which we protect crime victims from the criminals, how we can make sure that when we demand as a society that a criminal have his guns taken away that no matter how well connected he may be, that he not be able to obtain another firearm without alerting police.

We owe it to Amanda.

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