Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pittsburgh Gym Shooter had CCW permit

August 2009 - Crime: Premeditated Murder and Attempted Murder

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - George Sodini, CCW permit holder, hadn't had a date in decades so he joined a gym. Unfortunately, instead of forging new relationships and possibly inviting someone out, he went in with four guns (two .9 mm, a .45 and a .32 semi-automatic) and began shooting women -- women he had never met, because he couldn't get a date. Twelve women paid for George Sodini's lack of social skills and mental illness. Four women paid with their lives.


  1. Can you provide a source for this? I can't seem to find anything.

  2. Here's a better link for you:

    "Superintendent Moffatt said, and ATF traced three of Mr. Sodini's weapons. He had a permit to carry a concealed weapon and legally owned three of the guns. He bought the two 9mms in 2008 and the .45 this year. Superintendent Moffatt wasn't sure about the history of the .32."

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  3. Terrible to see this happen, but which policy would you support? The one that would not have issued him a CCW permit, which wouldn't have stopped him, or the one that let women arm themselves against this kind of attack, which may have stopped him if LA Fitness didn't have a "no weapons" policy?

  4. LA Fitness didn't have a "no weapons" policy. On top of that, Pennsylvania is a state where it is extremely easy to get a CCW. If CCW holders are supposed to be able to stop this type of thing from happening, where were they?

  5. You are incorrect; LA Fitness does have a "no weapons" policy. If you want to call them and ask yourself, the number is 1-800-600-2540, hit zero for the operator, and ask for member services. The lady who spoke with me this morning assured me there is a "no weapons" policy that is on page 3 of the agreement that is signed when a member signs up, and that there are no exceptions for CCW permit holders.

    The thing about law-abiding gun owners and law-abiding CCW permit-holders, is that they obey the rules. If LA Fitness says they will revoke your membership if you carry a firearm into their facility, CCW, or no, members will leave their firearm in the car. Where were the CCW holders? They were disarmed by LA Fitness.

    As for CCW holders being able to stop crimes in progress, while a heavy majority of state are "shall issue," the crime reduction benefits are mostly in the heads of criminals. The truth is; only a very small percentage of the population actually obtain permits, and not every one of those carry every single day to every single place.

    I've answered your questions, but you haven't answered mine. Which policy do you support?