Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Men Arrested For Selling Fradulent CCW Certificates

Aug. 2009 - In Ohio you are expected to take a 12 hour handgun instruction seminar before being given your permit. Well, it would appear that some entrepreneurial souls discovered that there were lots of folks in their neck of the woods who had little patience but a lot of money and were willing to give it up to get around the rules.

Jason Hernadez and Michael Davenport sold 132 fraudulent certificates, some for as much as $300.

I do hope that those individuals enjoyed having their CCW's because since they obtained them in a criminal manner, they will, of course, lose the privilege and possibly, since it's a felony, they may lose their right to have guns at all.

I bet sitting through a 12 hour class doesn't sound so bad to those gentlemen now.

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