Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another case of road rage

April, 2010 - Crime: Assault
Farmington Hills, Michigan:  In an all too familiar scenario, two men get annoyed during rush hour and both behave badly.  After the customary rude gestures and during a stop light, Mr. Faith Said, made the mistake of getting out of his car in order to discuss his opinions on driving with CCW permit holder Mr. Carl Mintz.  Mr. Said, after having his say, was walking back to his car when he was shot in the elbow by Mr. Mintz.

Mr. Mintz told witnesses at the scene that he thought that Mr. Said was going to spit in his face and so he felt it necessary to pull out a gun and shoot him.  Mr. Mintz must have been told between the time of the incident and the preliminary hearing that,  in order for someone to spit in your face they have to (a) be near you and (b) be facing you, because at the preliminary hearing, his defense had changed to him being frightened because Mr. Said had his hands in his pockets.  Problem with that defense was the witnesses testified that while Mr. Said was angry, they could tell how angry he was because he gestured with both hands.

Mr. Mintz never explained why, if he felt threatened by Mr. Said, he didn't simply drive away since the light had turned green.

Farmington Hills Police Chief Chuck Nebus summed it up best: "They were probably both wrong. The issue is the use of excessive force.  You can't shoot someone just because you're involved in a traffic altercation with them. Don't make gestures, don't make comments, don't stare, don't chase, don't blink lights,just ignore it. If you can't, if it's serious enough, call 911 and ask the police to respond.

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