Saturday, March 6, 2010

How can you forget where your gun is?

March, 2010 - Crime: Death being reviewed
Deerfield Beach, Florida - Randy Reddick Jr., a concealed carry permit holder, remembered to leave his firearm in his truck when he went into the post office. Unfortunately, he forgot that he left a firearm in the truck when he sent his two young sons out to the truck to get his coat and hat. 11 year old Randy Roddick III died at the scene from a gunshot to the face.

Our prayers go out to the family.

March, 2010 - Crime: Possession of a firearm at the airport
Little River, South Carolina - Once again a CCW permit holder, this time Mr. Melvin Winfred Slaughter, attempted to take a gun into his local airport. No surprise, Melvin set off the alarms when he went through the detectors.

And as though his day wasn't bad enough, police informed him that his permit expired in January.

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