Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A new year, another round of 'What were they thinking?'

January, 2010 - Crime: Possession under the influence and aiming a firearm
Las Vegas, Nevada - Permit holder and body guard, Steve Sanson Jr., was running for public office but after the New Year's celebration, one wonders if he'll have a campaign, a job or a permit. It seems that after work on New Year's he decided to go out and party.

No harm in that.

Problem was, he forgot to take off his .45's, one carried on his ankle and the other on his hip, before he started drinking. Other revelers reported that he'd brandished the firearm while seemingly intoxicated and contacted authorities.

January, 2010 - Crime: Bringing firearm into a courthouse
Tampa, Florida - Permit holder, Donald Koranek, was in line to pass through the metal detectors in order to enter the courthouse when he was told that he couldn't come in with a pocket knife. He chose to leave the line. When he returned to the line a little later, he was carrying a loaded KelTec .32. Now, if he knew he couldn't get in with a pocket knife, what made him think it was appropriate to go through with a semi-automatic?

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