Thursday, November 12, 2009

Location, Location, Location

November, 2009 - Crime: Carrying a weapon into a prohibited space
Denton, Texas - An unidentified CCW permit holder had been brought into a mental health facility for evaluation because he had become unusually aggressive and had abused the family dog. Unfortunately, once at the facility, it was discovered that he had his .40 semiautomatic pistol tucked into his pants when he announced that he was going to shoot his way out. He surrendered after police threatened to taser him.

Hopefully he will get the assistance he obviously needs.

November, 2009 - Crime: Disorderly intoxication and improperly displaying firearm
Macclenny, Florida - We may never know what the real reason was that Patricia Perry thought she needed to buy ammo. Heck, given her state of intoxication, it's possible that Patricia doesn't know. That said, the CCW permit holder gave several stories as to why she felt she needed to bring her loaded handgun and a liquor bottle into the local Walmart, including saying the gun was a gift for her son and that she needed to go into the woods to hunt snakes utilizing her .38.

Whatever her reason, the store was evacuated and the police were able to quickly place her into custody.

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