Monday, November 2, 2009

Complicating Simple Situations

October, 2009 - Crime: Possession of a gun on school grounds
Marietta, Ohio - Robert Ball, a CCW permit holder, was waiting to pick up his kid brother after a band competition. Unfortunately, he and a friend decided to bring some "refreshments" and two loaded firearms, none of which is allowed on school property. Luckily, a police officer noticed Ball's passenger chugging the beer and investigated.

Let's see, being intoxicated and having a loaded gun around a crowded school grounds, being intoxicated and driving, being intoxicated and driving with a friend and your little brother in the car.

Call it luck, call it karma, call it a swarm of guardian angels - whatever you call it, the folks in Marietta dodged one last Friday.

October, 2009 - Crime: Resisting a police officer with a weapon
Las Vegas, Nevada - Libertarian Congressional candidate, former Nevada Libertarian Party chairman and CCW candidate, Raymond James Duensing, was pulled over by the police for driving through an intersection in a right turn only lane. As is standard procedure, the officer ran Duensing's information through his computer and when he did, he discovered that Duensing had a warrant for his arrest.

Apparently, not taking the idea of being arrested well, he attempted to flee while reaching for his .45. He was shot in the arm, tased and arrested.

There's no mention as to why Duensing thought running for the police and reaching for a firearm would have been more helpful to the situation than alerting the officer that you had a CCW permit and were carrying and going in, in a mature fashion, to clear up whatever legal difficulties there were. Whatever he was thinking, he's lucky it didn't get him killed.

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