Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another case of CCW road rage

October, 2009 - Crime: Felonious Assault
Beaver, Michigan - Christopher Horosko, a CCW permit holder, was a passenger in a car traveling south on I-75. While traveling south on I-75, the car hit the brakes forcing the car behind them driven by Thomas D'Arcangelo to slam on the brakes. After Horosko and D'Arcangelo exchanged some rude gestures, the unnamed driver in the Horoko car saw fit to pull alongside the D'Arcangelo car on the driver's side at which time Horosko brandished a gun from the passenger side. Upon arrest, Horosko claim that he held it up because he feared road rage and was protecting himself and his driver.

Horosko failed to explain why, if he and his driver were fearful, they slowed down to pull alongside D'Arcangelo's car.

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