Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update September 24, 2009

November 2007 - Crime: Improperly displaying a firearm
Miramar, Florida - Fitzroy Salesman, city commissioner and CCW permit holder, gets into an argument with a 19 year old fellow shopper at Winn Dixie and several employees at the grocery store and decides that the best way to settle the argument is to threaten them with a gun. Mr. Salesman went on to clain that he feared for his life.

This situation cost Mr. Salesman the election. One must question the rationale behind issuing Mr. Salesman a CCW since in 2005 he was charged with DUI and having a Breathalizer 2x the legal limit (That said, he was aquitted of the drunk driving charge.) and he was forced by the court to take anger management courses after an altercation outside a restaurant in 1998.

Mr. Salesman has most recently been arrested for public corruption.