Friday, August 21, 2009

Update August 21, 2009

Before we give our updates, a friend of the blog, Cathie, sent us a fascinating article concerning the loophole in Tennessee law that apparently allows criminals to obtain concealed carry permits. So much for the idea of all carriers in the "Volunteer State" being law abiding.

And now for the current crimes:

August, 2009 - No crime listed as individual was taken in for psychiatric observation

Conway, Arkansas - Tennessee CCW permit holder, Lyle Kenneth Blair, informed police that he was on a "mission from the Lord" to stop evildoers by "shooting them in the face". The police had been called because Mr. Blair had attempted to start a fight at a gas station with a serviceman on leave from the Navy who was on his way back to report for duty.

August, 2009 - Crime: Impersonating an officer

Boise, Idaho - CCW permit holder, Paul Brookhouse tried to do the right thing. When a man stole property from a local rescue mission, he ran after him. The problem came when he pulled his gun and told the name he was a police officer.

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