Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Update August 11, 2009

August 2009 - Crimes: Domestic Violence - Murder


Heath, Ohio - Robert Channel and his wife, Vicki had been in a domestic violence cycle for some time. This cycle had involved the criminal justice system. And yet he was able to get a concealed carry permit. He was also able to then murder his wife and then commit suicide.

August 2009 - Crimes: Criminal recklessness, intimidation with a weapon, pointing a loaded weapon, resisting law enforcement


Mount Vernon, Indiana - Benjamin Bredemeier, a CCW permit holder, showed up at a party uninvited because he had heard that his ex-girl friend and her new boyfriend would be attending. He attempted to provoke a fight with the new boyfriend and when asked to leave the home he pointed the gun in the person's face. He later told investigators that he wanted to confront his girlfriend, get his property back and that he was upset about the end of their relationship.

August 2009 - Crimes: Production of marijuana and possession of an explosive devices


Kissimee, Florida - William Scott Clark, a CCW permit holder was arrested for cultivating approximately 40 pot plants. When his trailer was searched, his girlfriend admitted to the cultivation but stated that Clark had moved the plants. The plants were discovered at a friends house with Clark's Mac-11 submachine gun, a .50 caliber sniper rifle, Browning semi-automatics mounted on tripods, live mortar rounds, launching tubes and several home made bombs.

August 2009 - Crimes: Possession of a firearm on school grounds, trespassing on school property with a weapon and resisting officers without violence.


Miami, Florida - Jeffrey Weinsier, a reporter at a local television station, had obtained a CCW permit after receiving death threats due to a prior new story. When he was scheduled to do a report at a local high school, he was asked by the safety office not to bring his firearm onto school property due to state laws. He had two choices, he could lock his firearm in the news van or he could do the story next to schol property. Jeff decided to take the road less travelled and take the third option and had to pay an $11,000 bond for the privileges.

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