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Update Aug 2, 2009

July 2009 - Crime: Aggravated assault, giving a weapon to a prohibited person.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania - Edwin "Snookie" Rivera, age 22, had a concealed carry permit and a problem. He and a man named Maurice Fokas Jr. had a disagreement concerning drugs and drug related money. Mr. Rivera decided he wanted to be prepared in case the discussion became heated so he went to his home and retrieved two pistols so that he could arm his friends, Monte and Jose. (Edwin already was armed.) Problem number one was that Jose had a previous drug conviction, so he was prohibited from carrying a firearm. When the incident did erupt in violence, Maurice was able to wrestle the gun away from Jose and when Edwin took a shot at Maurice, he accidentally hit Jose. (Face it, this just wasn't Jose's day.)

After the shooting, Edwin fled to a third man, Scott's, house. When police searched for Edwin, they also found drugs and drug paraphernalia at Scott's house, so Scott got a trip downtown as well.

July 2009 - Voluntary manslaughter

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Matthew Miller, a vet and concealed carry weapons permit holder, who obtained the permit after being viciously attacked in 2006. In July, he got into a disagreement with Ross Vigeant, a father of three who was on a two day vacation, at a McDonald's because he felt Mr. Vigeant was taking too long in the drive through. The disagreement became physical with Mr. Vigeant punching Mr. Miller. Mr. Miller had not been convicted of any previous crimes but was facing a charge of harassment due to an incident in February. It's unknown at this time if Mr. Miller had ever been assessed for PTSD either from his attack or from his war time experiences.

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