Friday, August 7, 2009

Some statistics to this point

I thought for the sake of information that I'd look at what we've found in about a month of digging.

From Oct. 2004 to early August 2009, these states have had crimes committed by individuals who had been documented by the press as having previously obtained concealed carry permits:

Ohio (9)
Pennsylvania (5)
Florida (4)
North Carolina (3)
New York (3)
Michigan (3)
Washington (2)
Utah (2)
South Carolina (1)
Kansas (1)
Montana (1)
Oklahoma (1)
Idaho (1)
Kentucky (1)
Alabama (1)
California (1)
Colorado (1)
West Virginia (1)

And the list of actual crimes:

Murder, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter, Assault, Kidnapping, Attempted Kidnapping, Domestic Violence, Child Sodomy, Domestic Terrorism, Assaulting a Police Officer, Stalking, Aggrevated Menacing, Promoting Illegal Gambling, Organ Trafficking, Impersonating a Police Officer, Felony Road Rage, Reckless Endangerment, Resisting Arrest, DUI/DWI, Using a Firearm While Intoxicated, Hit and Run, Drug Possession, Drug Paraphenalia, Possession of a Firearm in a Courthouse, Possession of a Firearm on School Property, Possession of a Firearm in an Airport, Falsifying Legal Documents, Giving a Firearm to a Prohibited Person, Animal Cruelty, Criminal Mischief, oh yeah, and Speeding.

Now once again, as I said in my very first post, this isn't about lambasting those individuals who utilize firearms legally and responsibly. This is about refuting the myth that the NRA espouses that all the folks who get CCW's are law abiding citizens and that there's no need for regulation. If we are going to have a reasonable, rational discussion, we have to have the facts on the table and the myths dispelled.

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